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About Us
Positively inspire, motivate, and create change through the aviation experience
1.       High Hopes is a not-for-profit organization providing the experience of aviation to youth, military members, and their families who are at-risk, disadvantaged or with other special needs.
2.       High Hopes recognizes that youth, military members, and their families at-risk or with special needs want and need to be a part of the community life, and be accepted by their communities as individuals with rights and responsibilities.
3.       High Hopes supports services to help youth, military members, and their families at-risk or with other special needs reach their maximum capabilities and secure opportunities for their education, training, and employment through exposure to an aviation experience.
4.       High Hopes is committed to assuring the adequacy and effectiveness of programs and services for youth, military members, and their families at risk or with other special needs.
5.       High Hopes believes that it is essential to maintain autonomy in the manner in which it raises funds for support of its programs and services.  High Hopes reserves the right to appeal directly to the public for support in conformity with accepted standards for ethical fundraising.
Provide a life changing, transformational experience for at risk youth, wounded warriors and their family members by providing a positive aviation experience.
1.       High Hopes will establish and maintain high quality aviation experiences that will meet the needs of youth, military members, and their families who are at-risk or with other special needs.
2.       To improve awareness of the High Hopes programs, High Hopes staff will give a series of presentations to Civic, Fraternal, educational (e.g., BOCES), philanthropic, financial, defense contractors (professional orgs), professional organizations, and other potential sponsors.
3.       The High Hopes Program Manager will receive a fund raising goal from the Board of Directors, in an amount to be negotiated between the Board and the Program Manager.  The Program Manager will plan and conduct a series of activities to achieve the fundraising goal.
1.       In harmony with its stated objectives High Hopes shall:
a.       Identify, facilitate, and implement aviation programs and services (collectively “programs and services”) that will motivate at-risk youth and adults identified as Wounded Warriors, or with other special needs, and their families, to become productive members of society.
b.      Identify, facilitate, develop, and implement Programs and Services for all who are concerned with at-risk youth and adults identified as Wounded warriors, or with other special needs and their families including professional personnel, parents, volunteers, caregivers, employers, corporations, businesses, and the general public.  Such Programs and Services shall include without limitation general education programs and public education programs relating to specific aviation issues of interest and opportunity.
c.       Encourage the active participation of committed, capable and giving volunteers at all levels of the Corporation.
d.      Conduct comprehensive development activities to promote successful High Hopes operations. 
2.       In the advancement of the foregoing, it shall be the responsibility of High Hopes to develop and maintain standards for all activities including programs and services, personnel, membership, administration, fundraising, communications, advocacy, public affairs, and fiscal accountability.
3.       High Hopes shall not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, creed, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or other classifications protected by applicable law with regard to receipt of services, appointment or election to voluntary office, or hiring for, assignment to, or promotion in staff positions.  All offices and facilities operating under the Corporation’s auspices shall be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.







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